Tappara Taitoluistelijat

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Welcome to Tappara Skating School!

The aim of skating school is for the children to learn basic skating skills through play. The children are also taught the basic first elements of figure skating such as jumps, spins and glides/spirals.


Which group is best for my child?

  • Pikkutähdet = “Little Stars”: 2-5-year-olds who can stand on skates on their own and want to learn the basics of figure skating.
  • Isot Tähdet = “Big Stars”: 6-8-year-olds who want to learn the basics of figure skating.
  • Muodostelmatähdet = “Synchro Stars”: 4-8-year-olds who can skate a little on their own and want to learn the basics of synchronized skating.
  • Lapsi-aikuinen ryhmä: 2-5-year-olds who want to skate with their own adult and want to learn the basics of figure skating.

Skating school contact info

Heidi Mattila




Skating gear

  • All children must wear a helmet while on ice.
  • Good skates with sharpened blades help the children learn faster.
  • Children should wear warm but flexible clothing. Big outdoor jackets or overalls are difficult on ice. Thin layers keep the children warm. Finger mittens are preferred over thick winter gloves.

Interested in learning how to skate yourself?

Adult skating school (Aikuisten taitoluistelukoulu) is the perfect place to test those dusty skates or try them on for the first time. Adult skating school is for everyone who is interested in learning the basics of figure skating and synchronized skating. No prior skating experience necessary!



The head instructor of adult skating school


Petra Pääsky



Piia Wirsèn